Parental super powers

My folks have been married 58 years.  Over the years they have focused on raising 4 kids and making a life together.  It wasn't until their retirement that they made a discovery.   Super powers!

Well. . . That's not quite right.  One of Dad's super powers became a part of our life early on.  Dad is one of the best cooks on the eastern seaboard.  He taught me everything I know about the kitchen.

 Dad's second power is photography.  It too was 
something that started when we were kids. 

His photographic super power has really bloomed since they retired. 

He has won several awards for his nature photography.  But his favorite subject is Mom as she ply's her super power.

Mom's super power?  She is an animal whisperer. Specifically giant tortoise and gorillas.  This started
over 20 years ago when they moved to Columbia SC.  Their new home was close to the zoo.  They began taking their daily walks at the zoo and its gardens.

 During those walks Mom began her magic.  She talked at them.  Calling the gorillas by name.

Cooing at the huge tortoise. Until one day the gorillas were waiting for her.  

That huge tortoise came as quickly as he could when he caught sight of her.
He ate grass from Moms hand and let her pet his leathery neck.  

Children are amazed at what she does.

Every now and again a goat or giraffe fall under her spell. . ..

But it is the gorillas that are most amazing.They come when she calls them.  Listen to everything she says as if they understand each word.
They think she is funny.  They think she is fascinating.  The only thing that tears them away is food.

Maybe this a super power Mom and Dad share.  Think about it.  Would you believe that The Animal Whisperer could do all this if Dad wasn't there to document it all? 


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