Rainbow bread

SEVERAL years ago when I was a more whimsical person. . .Ok I can't even type that with a straight face!  lol!  I will always be an entirely whimsical person.

Any way, there was a local grocery whose bakery made a rainbow bread.  Layers of colored dough rolled up into a loaf.  When sliced the rainbow was revealed.

I bought it whenever I saw it.  I thought it made every sandwich very fun.  I still think it makes lunch more fun. So I just had to try it!
First tip: get good food color.  Gel or powder food colorings work much better. The cheap stuff is VERY hard to work with in this application.

Second tip:  get gloves.  Food color dyes people too.

For this you need your favorite white bread dough. Home made or store bought will do.  Cut into eight pieces.

Set aside 2 pieces they will be your base.  Dye each of the other pieces. One each of these colors:


Use the uncolored portions to roll out a base rectangle 10x6 inches.  Roll out the colored pieces into rectangles slightly smaller than the base.

Layer the color rectangles in the order they are listed above. Press thes layers onto the base.  Roll from the short end making a loaf shape. Move to loaf pan and let rise for at least an hour.  When risen bake off according your recipe.

Oh my!  It worked!  Yee haw!!


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