OH NO! My legs are WARM!!!

I have been using my zero gravity chair (zgc)for a couple weeks now.  It has made such a difference to my over all well being.  Especially my legs.

For a few years my legs have been swollen, pale and cold.  Bad circulation.  In the first few days using my zgc the swelling in my legs reduced by several inches.  Great blobs, that I considered fat deposits, had disappeared.  However they were still pale and cold.

Just now, while applying aloe gel, my legs were so warm it scared me.

'What the heck is going on NOW?' I thought.  I looked down and my legs were pink and warm from hip to toe!  

It has been so long since the circulation worked like it should, body temp actually startled me.  LOL

The swelling is still receding too.  I also noticed a small length of some hard substance running down the front of my right leg.  My shin bone.  I haven't seen that thing in decades!  

Keep it up girls!  Maybe you will carry me back into the world one day!


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