Furry little traitors

About 2 am we had a HUGE thunderstorm.  It woke me and I discovered I was alone in bed.  (get your minds out of the gutter, the puppies sleep with me)

Knowing Trixies aversion to all things thunder related,  I thought she might be a little distressed.  I got up, calling her quietly.  I looked all over the apartment.  Under furniture.  In the closet.  Trixie was no where to be found.  But wait. . .neither was Lady.

Then it dawns on me.  I had been deserted for the safety of their Dads room!  The furry little traitors left me at the mercy of the storm.  
 Me, who takes care of them when they are sick!
Me, who is used for a pillow on a daily basis!

Oh well, sometimes I wish I had somewhere safe to run and hide!  Sleep good girlies!


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