A Pagan Ritual In The Sink

I have been growing oyster mushrooms at home for the better part of a year now.  Charles has been grossed out the entire time.

The brother considers the lovely mushroom a lowly pagan plague upon the earth.  So I prepared for some comment on the mushroom blocks soaking in the kitchen sink last night.

Charles saw them and made a face.  He didn't comment on the grossness in the sink.  At first.

The mushroom spores are packed in a growing medium of recycled coffee grounds.  So the soaking water turns this not so appetizing swamp brown.  Especially the older one.  I was pretty sure it was played out, but decided to give it one more shot.

So when Charles finnaly said I 'REALLY had to get the pagan ritual out of the kitchen sink' I promised I would move it this morning.  

True to my word I drained the sink , moved the new brick to a plate an started to move the old one too.  The old thing just crumbled in my hands.  So sad.

Then I noticed one of the crumbles had actually sprouted in the sink, during the night.

Fuzzy picture of new growth on 'Old Crumbles'
So, instead of throwing it away, I put all the crumbles in a bowl.  If it hasn't given up yet neither will I!

Charles will be SO glad the sink is back to normal.  However the crumbly pagan garden in the living room may just start him up again!


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