New hope for garden 2013

I have been meaning to show y'all what the brother did for us this weekend.  I was pretty blue when all my seedlings withered and died.  This weekend Charles fixed it.

Charles had been talking about a garden product called Earth Box.  While researching the product he found the blue prints to make your own.  This weekend he did.
earth boxes by the brother

 In each one he planted one of my favorites.  

Tomatoes in one.                                                                                                      

Basil in the other. 

This is the brothers project so I don't know all the ends and outs of it.  However I do know it has a reservoir that helps maintain the plants. Also a pipe that allows you to add water and nutrients to the reservoir. 

Thanks Charles! 


jobabs1974 said…
Sure wish the brother would give you the details of how to make the Earth Box for those of us who would like to do one also. Many thanks.
Mercy T. said…
I will try to pick his brain tonight. will post the info tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

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