Earth Box video

I have been asked to follow up with the brother on directions to build an Earth Box.

It seems he used a video on U TUBE.  Specifically:

How to build an earth box for $20.00
by David Melamed

I hope this helps jobabs1974!


jobabs1974 said…
Many thanks for the info Mercy.
jobabs1974 said…
So now my question is: how often does brother have to put water in the container?
Mercy T. said…
as the brother explained it to me: There is a small hole in the box next to the watering tube. if you can see water splashing out this hole when jiggled don't water. if no water splashes during jiggle water til it reaches the hole.

Lately hurricane Andrea has taken care of that. She sent us a lot of rain.
jobabs1974 said…
Thank you so much for all the info on the earth box, be sure to thank the brother for me as well.
Mercy T. said…
Will do! Let me know how your efforts are doing.

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