As you guys know if I find a product I like I talk about it.  That being said, my hair needed some help.

I like the color and the cut but over the years product and illness has made it rough.  I tried every shampoo and conditioner I could find.  Some helped a little, some made it worse.

I have been watching the Wen infommercials for a few years  on TV and on QVC.  But MAN! was it expensive.  I just couldn't justify that much money on disability income.

Then I found a Wen presntation on late night QVC.  Large size.  On Sale.  4 easy payments.  Money back guarantee.  SOLD AMERICAN!

So I got my Wen cleanser in tea tree.  Used it once as directed, shaking in my boots all the way. Afterwards I dried my hair and couldn't believe the difference.

It was soft and glossy.  The color was rejuvenated.  The texture sleek and tangle free.  Perfect! I threw out every other shampoo and conditioner that minute.  

As I continue to use it the dry scalp I have fought with my whole life is gone.  As is the itch that went with it!

I finally changed my profile pic to a closer shot.  My hair was so much better it didn't look like a bad wig in photos.  LOL


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