more about zero gravity chair.

Several days ago I told you about hunting down a zero gravity chair.  The thought was to more efficiently elevate my legs.  It has worked better than expected.

My legs had gotten to the point that the swelling had me spending more and more time in bed.  Not to mention it hurt!  

I tried to elevate my legs in bed but it was cumbersome and it didn't work very well.  And it still hurt.

I use the chair as I would a lounger.  I watched TV, I read, I napped.  The length of time I spent in the chair varied, but I average 2 hours a day in the chair, more if need be. The first thing I noticed was that after a few minutes nothing hurt.  Nothing!  The only other place I can get that is in the pool.  COOL BEANS!!  

Of course, all the hurtful things come back as soon as I get up, but still.  No pain for a any length of time is a gift.

In the first 2 days of using the zgc (zero gravity chair) my legs reduced in size by several inches.  Next I could see the bones in my feet again.  There was even a hint of an ankle.

This morning I noticed, for the first time in months, That the layer of pain from swelling was gone.  Such a surprise.  

Now, I am not ready to run a marathon or even walk around the block and the painful condition that is diabetic neuropathy remains and is as painful as ever. That being said, things are looking up.  

I think it is time for a happy dance.  Dance with me won't you?  


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