Tiny house guest

While walking a couple days ago Lady found a small baby bird.  I thought it might be a sparrow but the brother says it's a mockingbird.  He is probably right.  He knows much more about these things than I do.

Baby Mocking Bird
Surprisingly Lady was the gentle one.  Trixie however was all about Mocking Bird tartar for lunch!

His little wing is injuredso home he came with us.  The wing does not seem to be broken.  So a little tlc and he should be ok.  

He way too young to fly yet.  So, we have a house guest. 

I don't know how long the little one has been without his Mom but he was STARVING!  
Greedy Gus

Charles found a web site that gave us a formula to feed him and he loves it.  (boiled egg, softened dry cat food and egg shell all buzzed up together)  He gobbled it like there was no tomorrow.  So I named him Greedy Gus.

Once he figured out I was the bringer of food every time he saw me Gus began to dance around and beg for food... You guys know the rules.  NO ONE goes hungry in my house.  LOL

Will keep you updated. 



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