New chair here!

As I mentioned earlier I ordered a chair to help with my legs.  I have been looking at the medical chairs that recline to the point that your legs are just the level of your heart for months.  I found a bunch called gravity free chairs.  They were all $300.00 to $600.00.

Moving on.  I assumed, naive as I am, there had to be another option.  Finally I found a gravity free chair that fit all my needs.  
It is extra large.  Just what I need.  There is no assembly.  Also good.  Made of powder coated steel.  Strong enough to hold my ample frame.  Reclines to a little past horizontal.  So the feet are just above the heart.  GREAT for circulation. Even a pretty fabric designed to keep the air flowing.  All in all a great high end chair!  $89.99 plus s&h.

Bliss Hammock's zero gravity Extra large lounge chair

 Why so cheap?  It is not a medical chair.  It's a patio chair.  Set it up in 2 minutes.  Easy to get in to and operate.  Very comfortable.  

It sleeps just great!! Fell asleep as I was trying it out. LOL!  Bliss Hammocks extra large zero gravity lounge chair.

Best prices are on QVC.  Just saying.


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