Natural help with my Rosacea

In the last couple months I have been trying some natural treatments for my Rosacea.  I found online that moisturizers of any type are no-nos.  They contain oils and fats that, even in small amounts, cause flair ups.  So first up oil free face wash.  I like Neutrogena.

Next is your body chemistry.  Rosacea thrives in an acidic environment.  A lot of us run to an acidic system. I don't know of any way to test for this.  My answer was a truly unscientific wild guess.  Baking soda. This kitchen staple neutralizes acid.  1 teaspoon in very warm water every night before bedIn the first week all of the painful red bumps and pimples around my mouth, chin and nose dried up.  By the end of the month the clump of hard white bumps that had been on my right cheek for years was gone.

Lastly, Aloe vera. Aloe is well know for its oil free healing properties.  Especially for skin.  I use gel in as natural a formula as I can find.

These are the things that work for me.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  So I am only telling you of the things that have helped me.   

Me 56 and no make up.  Be kind!
This is me currently, sans make up.  Not bad for an old broad huh?  Still a little pink in the cheeks, but think of all I save on blush!  LOL!

Disclaimer:  NOT A DOCTOR!  Just sharing what works for me.


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