Growling in their sleep.

While I was waiting for my chair to be repaired I took the opportunity to train the dogs.  Whenever someone crosses their field of vision, through one of our windows or doors, they erupt.

Sometimes they are asleep but know someone, meaning human, canine or feline, is there.  They go from snoring to full guardian mode in a split secondTrixie and Lady have gotten something of 'bad dog' rep because of it. 

I must acknowledge that this is a guarding behavior.  Specifically, guarding me.  This doesn't happen when the brother is home.  I guess the girls figure Charles can handle whatever comes along.

So, we worked for about 10 days nonstop.  They have improved mightily and continue to improve daily.  However there have been some unexpected side effects.

Lady inparticular has grasped the concept of not barking at neighbors and their animals.  She has even developed a conscience about it.  If I am in the kitchen and there is something she wants to bark at she  knows she shouldn't, Lady cries.

Not only crying.  She runs to me, dancing in circles and whines.  If I could translate dog speak (and I think I am starting to get an ear for it), I would think she is saying 'PLEEEEASE Aunt Mercy!  Let me bark at that dog!  I will never ask anything EVER again.  Just please, PLEASE, PLEEEASE let me bark at that dog!".  Roughly translated of course.

Trixie and Lady both have the next symptom.  They have had a huge increase in growling in their sleep.  Not just growlingThere is snarling, with teeth and everything.  Their legs flail as if they are in hot pursuit. The hair on Trixie's back stands on end. (I have to remember to take the camera to bed!)

I guess they are guarding me even in their sleep.  Good girls, Trixie and Lady.  Good girls.



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