Discussion Island

Most people have 'bad hair days'.  I have 'bad leg days'!  LOL  I have had a few of those days this week.  Rest was in order.

While resting, I watched a program about ScotlandThere is a very small village, Glencoe, snuggled right up to a lake, or a loch. 

Back in the woebegone days of the dark ages any residents who had a dispute were rowed out to a small island in the middle of the loch.  With enough provisions for a few days, there they were left to talk it out.  Discussion Island.

What did the people of those days fight about?  I figure that people haven't really changed all that much.  So what do we fight about today?

These days, as in those days, I think money is a major contributor to disagreements.  As is love, power and property.  As we might disagree about who owns, say, a piece of property, they might have argued about the ownership of some livestock.

'That's MY chicken!' says one.  'It's NOT!' says the other.  'I raised it from a wee egg' says one.  'Prove it!' says the other.  Off they go to discussion island.

I wonder how that would work today.  If all disputes were settled on an island, armed only with words.  No matter how long it took.

With all the distention and strife in this old world that would be one big island!  



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