A Day of Alignment

Yesterday started out all wrong.  First an 8:30 appointment with one of my doctors meant Charles was loosing time at work.  Then the purpose of the appointment went south.  Turning it into just a lot of wasted time for everybody.

Then the day took a turn for the better.  The repair dude fixed my chair in about 20 minutes.  The weather was spectacular!  The chair was runningAll of my odd assortment of ailments were behaving themselves.  

Could it be?  The most elusive of days?   A day when all the elements of my life actually come together in an evening that I can get out, in this case, for some burgers?

YES!!!  Yes it was!  The day of perfect alignment!  A day when the things in my life that control my comings and goings decided NOT to conspire against me. 

After a horrible start to the day Charles still took me out for burgers.  I know this would not have been his first choice of dinner.  I make a mean salad and Charles likes them.  He knows that this day is VERY rare.  He knows that if even one of these things was out of alignment I would not be able to go. He made time for me.  AGAIN!!  Thank you so much Charles!


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