Trixie and Disney Jr.

As I have confessed in an earlier post, I watch the Disney Channel.  Now so does Trixie.  

uh ladybug . . . may I have my leg back?  Sometime soonish?
When I am in bed resting my legs, the dogs join me.  Lady prefers to sleep by my feet.

Trixie snuggles under the covers by my side.  She will pop her head up when something catches her interestLately it has been the sound of Disney Jr.

As soon as I click onto the channel, up she pops.  Eyes and ears trained on the screen.  Trixie's focus is so intense that when I move on to another channel she lets out a huge sigh and plops her head down on my chest.
Trixie and Disney Jr

I am not sure what it is about Disney Jr channel that interests her so.  It could be the songs or the brilliant colors.  Personally, I am leaning toward the plot and storyline.  LOL!!!


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