Phillip Seymor Hoffman as Bond?

I may have upset the brother.  We were watching one of the Mission Impossible films.  

The one where they abduct Phillip Seymour Hoffman from a black tie affair at the Vatican.  Then they blow up that gorgeous Maserati to make everyone think he is dead.

I just mentioned that I love the way all guys kinda look like James Bond in a tux.   All they have to do is comb their hair and wash their  face.  Add a REALLY good tux and poof!  James Bond.

Even Phillip, who is a little vertically challenged and just this side of pleasingly plump, had a distinct Bondness about him.

I don't know why but that seemed to bother the brother.  I mean if there was a dress that any woman in the world could put on and have the air of Halle Berry's Bond Girl we would never take it off.  We would make it in denim and wear it to the park.  We would sew it up in flannel and wear it to bed!

Alas, there is no such dress.  So I enjoy watching all the Bonds in every shape and size.


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