Garden 2013 starts today.

I had great intentions to start the seeds for this years tomato garden LAST month this time.  Better late than never I guess.

This morning I made some potting soil from the remnants of soil left in the buckets from last years tomatoes.

I sifted the spent soil to remove larger roots and other particles. I added some of the larger organic matter  back, for drainage and a time-released plant food.  
Home made potting soil

More Shrooms!
I was going to add the spent mushroom gardens. They had not produced any mushrooms in a long while. I thought  they were through They are a great soil supplement.  However, when I picked it up more mushrooms had sprouted underneath.  YEE! HAW!!

I also made some paper pots to sprout the seeds in.  It is such a simple process.  The mold I got was from Burpees.  It is very in expensive and effective.  Wrap strips of paper onto the upper portion of the mold.  fold the excess under and press into bottom portion of the mold.  Perfect for sprouting seeds.

I planted heirloom 'ugly' tomatoes and Roma tomatoes, the brother's favorite.

I also planted some ficus seeds.  The ficus is the house plant with the best air filtering qualities.  Should help with my allergies.  The tomato seeds should sprout in 7 -10 days.  The ficus could take up to 48 days to sprout.
Grow my babies!  Grow!



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