My Sleep Number mattress

Twenty-six years ago I hurt my back badly.  I couldn't find a comfortable position no matter what I did.  Not standing, sitting or laying down.

I had been watching the Sleep Number Bed ads. Thought I would check them out.

Fortunately there was a store in a nearby mall.  I tried one out and bought it on the spot.  The adjustable firmness allowed me to find a pain free position in which to sleep.

I have used it ever since.  However, recently it has been leaking quite alarminglyThey have a 20 year warranty, but I had sailed past that 6 years ago.  RATS!!!!

Knowing it was probably useless, I called the customer service line anyway.  I spoke to a lovely young woman whose name, I think, was Kimberly.

Kimberly walked me through a few easy tests. We decided that it was most likely the gaskets on the pump that had given out.  

A  replacement pump with shipping and handling was close to $200.00.  I explained my disability income issues. Kimberly suggested that we try a few home repairs before we ordered a new pump.  

She has sent the parts I need.  Free of charge.  It may still be that I need a new pump.  But I love that she tried to help me get by without one.

Way to go team Sleep Number!    



Rachel Matteson said…
Well, this is what I like about this company. I also had a wonderful experience when I tried the bed at a nearby mall. The salespeople were so warm and friendly. It is one of those things that make a customer want to buy the product. Keep it up sleep number team. :)

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