The cornered Maintenance Man

The maintenance crew for our apartment community change the air filters every six to eight weeks.  Usually I am home and let them in.

A couple weeks ago the door bell rang while I was resting my legs and it took me a few minutes to get to the door.  As I am coming  down the hall I hear a low growl.  Actually two growls.

sentry duty
The maintenance man, thinking I wasn't home, had let himself in to do the job.  Standard practice for this crew.  A concept the girls didn't quite get. Lady and Trixie had him cornered against the front door!

Poor guy, his eyes were as big as saucers and he seemed to be frozen in mid motion.  I called the girls. Wonder of wonders they came right away.

Trixie got in my lap. With an occasional growl she and Lady watched his every move.  With his job finished in short order the maintenance man left . 

Bet he will think twice about just letting himself in from now on. LOL! Nice to know the girls recognize when someone is not supposed to be there.  Before this I thought they would just lick them to death!

All is safe in Eastern North Carolina!  Good girls! 



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