Mood lifer from the Jewelry Queen

When I feel bad, as I have the last couple of weeks, it helps to have my pretty things around me.  A hand made quilt that uses Asian prints to make kimono blocks.  My Mickey Mouse teapot that my sister brought me from Disney world. The sterling silver ring with a dogwood blossom my mom gave me.

Also, I have lots of lovely jewelry that brightens even the saddest face.  I am very happy to say that, Sally, my sister is a gifted jewelry artist.  Best of all. . . She shares.

sallysbeadsnc on Etsy
 These earrings are some of my favorites.  LOVE sterling silver and the bright blue turquoise matches my eyes and my favorite house dress. I wear them a lot!

So much for what makes me feel better.  How about you?  What lifts your spirit? 


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