17 pound Great Danes

As 2013 approached I took a few minutes evaluate the goals I had set for myself over the last few months.

Some of them are rocking right along.  For instance, I am coming VERY close to perfecting my own home cured and smoked bacon.  And with Charles' help, I am getting out much more than I ever expected to in January of 2012.

17 pound great Danes
Some of the less successful goals involve our rat terriers.  Trixie and Lady.  Especially Lady.

Lady has convinced Trixie that they are not rat terriers at all.  They are, in fact, Great Danes. 17 pound Great Danes

While I have spent many months trying to disabuse them of this hallucinationStill they have been determined to convince every dog they meet to see things their way.  Quite successfully too. 

Much to my humiliation they are the most feared little dogs in the neighborhood. Since I have had no luck changing this train of thought, I decided to get on for the ride.

They are Great Danes.  They will always be Great Danes.  Fine.  But I am the boss.  The alpha female.  The big dog. 

It is slow going and Lady is very resistant.  But yesterday I saw progress!  The girls and I were surprised by a woman walking her 2 small dogs.  A poodle and a yorkie mix.

Her two babies immediately took issue with the fact that we are Great Danes.  She was having trouble controlling her duo, but ours were quiet.  

While faced with some very rude barking Lady and Trixie were alert but not aggressive.  

While Trixie may have let a small growl escape, they both came when I called.  Hackles down and tails wagging as they got their 'good girl' ear waggle.

I am aware this does not signal an end to the war.  But the battles have turned in our favor!      



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