I'm baking bread. I haven't had any home made bread in a few days. Between the foot, the bed rest and the rain I just have not been able to bake.  So today is the day.

Bless Charles he keeps in bread when I can't bake.  He brings my favorite commercial breads home.

First I am making some basil sandwich rolls.  Made with basil oil and dried basil they will make great  subs.  We also like to make garlic bread with these smaller rolls.  They make a great add to a salad or meal.

These rolls got too dark..they look like baked potatoes. But they are not.
Then my everything bagel bread.  It's just my white bread with the everything bagel topping on the the loaf.  Some times I will put it in the bread too.  This like all my seeded and topped breads need to be tented with tin foil the first 30 minutes.  The dried onion and the dried garlic tends to over cook and get bitter.  It will brown and crust the last 10 minutes.

That is probably all I will get done today.  But tomorrow I will go again.  Burger rolls and onion rolls.  Can't wait.

Will type again then.


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