Todays bake

I had an Idea last night.  Usually it takes 8 hours to bake 2 loaves of bread.  I have only one loaf pan.  I have to go through the whole process mixing, knead, rise 1, punch down, rise 2, bake AND cool the pan before it can be used again.  This takes more than 5 hours. I have to time the second loaf so that it  is ready for its second rise when the pan has cooled. The finish can take 2 to 4 hours depending on which breads you are making.

Last night it occurred to me, set the timer on the bread machine so the dough, I only use the dough setting, comes off just as my alarm clock is going off.  Then I can shape the bread and bake it off in much less time.  The second can process as the first bakes.

The only draw back is that there is only 13 hours on my timer.  Since I go to bed early I have to get back up and set the bread machine then go back to bed.

It worked well today.  My first bread was done by 10:am the second was done by1:pm.

Todays bake was sesame white bread and dill rye.

Ooooh!  Fresh rye bread and smoked bugers in the freezer!  I can make patty melts for dinner!  My fave!


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