Far from home!

This little bugger was moving a lot.  So his apperance on my blog is blurry. He is a white sided chameleon.

You can't tell very well but he has those googley eyes that go every which way. Also a white stripe down both sides.  I thought he might just be one of our local garden lizards.  We have a bunch here in eastern North Carolina.  But Nooooo!

As I said he is a white sided chameleon.  Originally from north Africa, if I remember correctly. I think maybe someone left a cage open. 

Seeing his freedom before him our intrepid traveler made a break for it.  Now he suns himself on my birdbath. Alack and alas, he has no time for an amateur photog.  

I am so glad he has found a warm place in the sun outside my window. Even if he is still so very far from home.


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