Baking online class

I found a class online.  Making and using buttercream frosting on Craftsy.  I learned several techniques I never have figured out on my own.

It also reminded me of things I already knew.  So as a practice project I made an orange layer cake I have been expeimenting with recently.  I used very vanilla buttercream.  The end result is sort of dreamsicle.  (Hopefully!)

The orange flavored layers leveled and moistened with orange simple syrup. Equal parts orange juice and sugar.

Simple syrup equal parts orange juice and sugar.  Warmed until the sugar dissolves into the juice. Paint cooled syrup over trimmed cake.

Stacked and crumb coated.  Something I rarely do.  Refrigerated untl set.

The finished product. As you can tell I have mastered the blob decoration.  I need a class to bring up my decorating skills


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