Dear Mema, . . . I changed your recipe!

Dear Mema,

I love and treasure all the recipes you shared with us.  This week I needed to share the coffee cake, one of your best by the way, with a friend who isn't feeling well.

I did not have all I needed to make the cake as written.  You know me Mema, that rarely stops me. Your gorgeous cake was a suped up cake mix.

There I was with no mix and no Charles to run to the grocery. I hate it when his job gets in the way of my errands!  Just kidding Mema.

So I decided to figure out how to make it from scratch. It took me all evening and most of the next day to figure out the base recipe. Yikes!

Mema, I never understood just what went into all you fed us.  I did remember the most important ingredient.  Love.

Not just your love of us, it was there in abundance, but your love of all foods.  Your love of the process you mastered and shared with me. It was those lessons at your side that enabled me to figure out how to share your cinnamon and nut master piece with my friend.

I made two tiny coffee cakes, Charles and I must do quality control, and the large one for my friend. They were just lovely.  Besides the cinnamon and walnuts, we could taste the love in every bite.

Miss you Mema! Wish you were here!




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