Charles' pop up steak house rises again!

Love steak!

Charles' pop up steak house rose again last night! Grilled steak.  Marinated salad, or Pop Pop Salad as we have called it all my life.  Baked tater.

My favorite of all Charles does on the grill!

Pop pop salad!  As kids we all sat and watched our paternal grandfather, Pop pop, put together this salad. Olives, peperoncini, tomatoes, sweet peppers, slivered onions marinated in a raspberry vinigarett.

I always mix the veggies in the salad bowl.  They ripen for a while.  I top the salad with shaved lettuce.  The lettuce tends to wilt and get slimy when allowed to marinate for any length of time. We stir in the lettuce when it is served.


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