Chocolate goblet sunde

We had dinner at the local Ruby Tuesdays. It was so nice.  I called ahead to let them know I was in a wheelchair. 

They assured me they could accommodate my chair and that there was plenty of room.  I must admit at first I was skeptical. However I was so wrong.  

Not only was there lots of room and a table set up just for me all the doors were held for me. including  one very limber young man who held 2 doors at the same time.

Dinner was lovely I had a burger, Charles had pasta. Yummster! The only picture I remembered to take is my half eaten dessert.


Ruby Tuesdays new chocolate goblet sundae.  Brownies, ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top.  Yummster!

A lovely evening all the way through.! Will do again! LOVE our Ruby Tuesdays!


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