Boiling eggs

A guy in the brothers office raises chickens. He shares the resulting eggs with the office.  Bless him!

Since we have an abundance of eggs I keep boiled eggs on hand most of the time. A lot of them are used for our favorite.  Jalapeno deviled eggs.

For the best deviled eggs the yolk has to be centered.  It prevents the whites blowing out as you fill them. I found a tip online that helps with this.  Store the eggs upside down in the fridge.

Secured with a rubber band the yolk will rise in the up turned eggs.  When they are added to the water the eggs right themselves. Causing the yolks to seek a new level.  More often than not it means that boiled eggs have a centered yolk.

While this works the majority of the time there will occasionally be one that that has a mind of its own.  I add it to the filling. I LOVE an over filled deviled egg.  

Peeling the eggs is easier when they are still warm.  Fresh eggs are easier to blow out of their shells.  Yep Blown out.

Ther are videos on you tube that demonstrates this technique.  Check it out1 It takes practice.  But once mastered it does give you an almost perfect peeled egg.

Hope these tips help!


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