Moms lamp

Almost 59 years ago my folks had recieved a wedding present.  A pair of hobnail milk glass lamps.  

Somewhere through the years one came into my hands. Always in my bedroom.  Pretty.

In recent weeks it has become known as the haunted lamp.  At 59 years old it has started to short out. 

In the middle of the night it turns on.  In the middle of a project it turns off. ooooooooooooooo!

This lamp has all the original parts. It does not seem to have ever been worked on before.

I put the glass parts in the dish washer. The hobnail milk glass came out nicely.

When the electrics were exposed the brass wires had corroded until the were almost black.  I stripped the covering back on the wire that had been there almost 59 years.

The wire was still in good shape. I reused it. 

The brasses are almost perfect.  Dirty and slightly corroded all I did was wash them. A little polish and the brass shined again. 

I reassembled and the soft glow of my family treasure shone.


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