McDonalds wishes

There are days when I am just craving my favorite fast food. McDonald's fish fillet, french fries, Diet Dr Pepper. Oh and an apple pie.

Oh my!  McDonald's wishes!

You know, I have mentioned i keep all the ingredients for this lunch in my freezer.  My thighs can not stand all the deep frying this wonderful fast food includes.

Do not disturb
No Phone and No TV

The only commercial products I use are frozen fries and frozen fish fillets.  However I bake them on a crisping sheet.  All the creaminess on the inside with all the crispness on the outside.

Even the breading on the fillets is crisped just right. No extra fat or oil.  The bread is one of my faves, buttermilk white topped with everything bagel topping.  

The mini apple pie I make in bulk and keep in the freeze.  Sugar-free apple pie. Baked in a tender crust with butter and coconut oil.  

Oh my!  The whole house smells like warm bread and apple pie!  YUMMY!!


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