spring color?

Several days ago I picked up the HUGE 3-ring binder I used for my recipes.  It exploded at the seams. Not surprising as I have been stuffing it since 1989. 

The pages escaped and flew everywhere!!  I am scrambleing to make sure I have them all. 


Charles had to go in to work this morning before heading out to Fayetteville.  He popped back in to let me know what was up.

Oh by the way. . . he just happened to be at STAPLES!
He came home with the most heavy duty binders I have ever seen.  

The binders were springy in color.  Pink, purple and orange!  Now that is not Charles' first choice of colors, but he knows its mine.  LOVE IT!

Just right.  All the recipes fit nicely.  Good Brother!  


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