Potato Revolution!!!!

Tonight's dinner was nothing special.  Roast chicken, pickled veg and mashed potatoes.  

I did try a new trick with the potatoes.  I was out of real potatoes and used the instant.  

I was out to add a little more flavor to them.  So instead of water and milk as the directions said, I used scratch-made chicken stock and cream to whip up the potatoes.  This will also work with veggie or pork stock.  Even something like mushroom stock would be amazing!

The chicken stock made a tremendous difference!  The instant potatoes were so rich that, to my mind, the potatoes didn't need butter.  (of course I did not find that out until AFTER I  floated them in butter!  Live and learn.)

I have decided.  No more dull instant potatoes!  

Join me in the Potato Revolution!    


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