Can NOT believe this!!

I have told y'all that my dreams have become a little odd.  A new character has begun springing up.  

A gorilla in a bridal gown.  She doesn't have a dream base of her own.  She sneaks into other dreams then creeps up behind me . . . BOO!

After scaring me to death the bride laughs maniacally and disappears.  Only to pop up again several dreams later.

This morning she scared me right out of bed! Sound asleep, yet still trying to get away.  . . . THUD!!! Thank goodness I landed on a pile of pillows.  Not even a scratch! 

Reluctantly, going back to bed.  Hope she's asleep!  

What are we gonna call her?  I can't keep calling her gorilla bride.

Use the comment section to leave your suggestions for her name.


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