Puppy hopes and wishes

I told you recently that the company that Charles works for has a yearly yard/bake sale for American Cancer Research.  This past Saturday they made close to $1,000.00.  GOOD JOB ALL!!

I baked all day Friday and at the end I was happily exhausted.  The girls seemed extra tired too.  

I was not sure why the dogs were so tired.  Then it dawned on me. They were, as always, my shadows as I baked all day.  For every step, or roll, I took they took four!

Lady especially is in tune with my cooking.  She knows when I bake there is more chance that I will drop something.  Lady's sweet tooth is almost as big as mine!  LOL!

got it!!

Trixie is more discerning.  She would actually rather go hungry than eat something she doesn't want.  

That being said, they both orbited me all day.  Constantly trying to be the one to catch whatever is dropped.

In the end they both had some of their wishes come true.  Trixie snatched up some bologna that escaped from my lunch.  Lady caught a wayward ginger snap in mid air.

Full and tired we all slept until noon.


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