Lady's eating habits

Our rescue rat terrier, Lady, has never lost the need to eat anything that does not first eat her.  This continues even though she has been loved and fed lavishly since coming to live with us about four years ago.  The technical term for this is 'garbage gut'.

This habit has made Lady susceptible to stomach troubles and fevers.  Last night it was a low grade temp.

Our go to defense for this type of thing is a standard  wipe down.  A wash cloth with luke-warm water and a little rubbing alcohol used on the belly and the 'arm pits' does the trick.

I love this.  It will bring the temp down in minutes. The animal feels better as quickly.

Lady HATES this. If I check her nose Lady knows what is coming.  The chase is on! 

She hides behind my wheel chair. Just out of reach.  If I get up to give chase, Lady hides under furniture. . . again just out of reach.

Last night Charles held her while I wiped her down.  OH, the betrayal!!! 

As soon as she could Lady wriggled away.  Giving both of us the stink-eye as she went!  A sure sign she feels better!


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