Dogs on the table

Trixie is after my brisket!
Recently both our dogs have attempted to snatch food from the table.  This really bad photo shows Trixie trying to spy-hop as killer whales do to spy their food.

That is the brisket I cooked a couple nights ago. The first brisket I ever smoked!  I will tell you more later.  

Lady is much more sneaky.  If you are watching TV or reading while you eat she will wait for a distracted moment to strike.  The next thing you know your fork is empty, while Lady chews quietly with her 'Who ME?' face on.

It's not just our dogs.  Oh no!  Several other family dogs are table sneaks.  The most memorable one lived in Slidell Louisiana.

My cousin Tom, on my moms side, had a beautiful, prize winning black lab that made a huge impression on our last trip to Louisiana. Uncle Buck had picked us up at the airport while Aunt Fran stayed home baking.  In particular there was a beautiful big sour cream pound cake. A family fave.

In order to make room in the kitchen, she had moved the cake to the middle of the dining room table to cool.  A while later Aunt Fran checked on the cake.  Only to find Toms 50 pound lab standing in the middle of her dining room table licking up the last crumbs of the cake.

A range of emotions must have raced through her heart.  By the time we got there she had settled on laughter. 

Always the best choice when your faced with laughing or crying, I think!



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