In the last few months we have been tinkering with my medications.  I think they are messing with my dreams.  Truly!  I really do!  

Since certain changes in my meds my dreams have gone to town!  There number has increased and the themes are varied.

Some are scary, robots, dragons, the plague and such.  Some are funny, stand up comedy is a recurrent theme.  Some are just weird.

For instance . . .Some weeks ago a cousin in England introduced himself to us through this blog.  I have wished I was able to go visit.  In your dreams anything is possible.

I am arriving at Heathrow Airport and customs ask my why I am visiting.  I tell them, very enthusiastically, of my 5th cousin twice removed.  In the next instant I am in an interrogation room.  

'Who is this man and why do you think he is your cousin?'  I explain as best I can.  Even showing the photos and documentation Stephen had shared.  For some reason they fixed on a photo of Mary Ann Toshach.

This ancient photo had an instant effect on those who were questioning me.  

"We are sorry mam.  We didn't know you were one of HER Toshachs." 

Then I woke up.

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