Visiters to the bird feeder

I noticed  a bird visiting my new feeder, but it wasn't eating.  It was landing on the feeder and flapping its wings SO hard the seeds would shake onto the ground.

Female black-eyed junco. . . i think!
When I stood up to look at the base of my feeder, not only was the provider of the feast munching down, but three or four of his buddies as well.

I am not a birder by any means,  but this bird and its behavior were new to me.  So I got out the brother's Birds of North America book.    

A black-eyed junco.  I think!  A female is pictured above.  The male is identical except for his black head. The behavior listed included waiting at the base of bird feeders for fallen seed.  

I think I may be close here.  I'm sure you will tell me if I'm not!  LOL


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