Ettufe and the fox

Ettufe, my neighbors ever so adventurous cat, has been at it again.
Chloe is a talented photographer and her favorite subject is Ettufe.

He escaped night before last.  Chloe, his owner spent the whole next day searching for him.  No Ettie.

Then late in the day Chloe found that a lovely lady at the far end of our green-way had Ettie.  Early that morning she had rescued the foolish cat from an encounter with a fox.  She scared away the fox.  She also wrapped Ettie in a warm blanket and fed him.  

Exhausted from his near death experience, Ettufe spent the whole day recovering in the nice lady's hammock.  Way to scare your mom . . . AGAIN!!!

In his defense it seems that Ettufe has always had an adventurous bent.

Is that a tiny Ettie in a DRYER?   


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