I'm having a 'Julia Sugarbaker' moment!

In the 80's there was a sitcom about 4 southern women running a design firm in Atlanta GA.  Julia Sugarbaker, a strong, intelligent, opinionated daughter of the south, was played by Dixie Carter.

Julia was known for her scathing wit and tendency to sermonize on any injustice that was caught in her craw at the moment.  (For examples of these tirades check out TV Guide channel.  The show, Designing Women, is in reruns . . . still)

Sadly, I am having just such a moment myself.  A Julia Sugarbaker moment.

When EXACTLY was it decided that inhabitants of the American south needed subtitles?  Has the viewing public forgotten the English language just because its spoken with sultry southern flair?

Now I am aware that in shows like Moonshiners, Honey Boo Boo and Redneck Weddin's English is spoken with a more unique syntax.  But PEOPLE, it is still ENGLISH!!

AND ANOTHER THING!!!  Why is it that only southern accents need translating?   The rich diversity that is the New York spoken word incorporates Italian and Greek phrasing as well as more than a few deep accents.  At least, excepting a little Creole here and there, we speak English!  Don't get me started on New Jersey, Boston and Minnsooooota, 
don't cha know!

Whew!  I feel better having gotten that out of my  system!  Thanks for listening y'all!



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