Never second guess your Mema!

For all you out there whose Mema (Granny, Grandma, Mimi or Mama) were the best bakers in all of the world.  Never, NEVER second guess their recipes!

Yesterday I made our Mema's Sour Cream Pound Cake for the brother.   As Charles pointed out it was lop-sided.  I have no idea why it was lopsided.  It just was.

Charles was taking this to a Super Bowl party and lop-sided was an issue.  But there was nothing to do now but glaze the thing and hope for the best. (Sorry, no pictures.  It was gone before I could.)

Usually, when I send something with the brother, he texts me to let me know how much it was loved.  This time nothing.  RATS!!  They hated my lopsided cake.  So sad.

When he got home I asked casually, 'How was it?'. ' REAL GOOD' says he.  But wait. . . he brought half of it home with him.  This is not good.

I was so disappointed.  I tasted what he brought home.  Instantly I was transported to Sunday at Mema's.  Yee haw!  Even lop-sided it was very, very good!  Why then did it not get eaten? Woe is me!

It was then Charles decided to tell me that the guys he worked with had asked him to bring it to work with him the next day!   Way to bury the lead!

Even lop-sided Mema RULES!!



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