Indian Summer

It is the 6th of October and Indian summer has been working over time this week.  Temps in the 80s and no rain.

I have never been able to swim in October before.  I don't go to the pool when anyone else is there.  (Can't have Jabba the Hut's fat girlfriend scaring the kids! ;)  This week the pool was deserted.  I had it to myself.  

On Thursday As I was exercising my legs I tried to remember the words to an old, OLD song.  'My cup runneth over' .  As a verse would come to me I would sing it to myself. 

I attracted a small audience.  NOT from the beauty of my song.  I sound something like a beached whale when i sing.  A young man on his evening jog just stopped to be sure I was OK.. . . HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!


Anonymous said…
Isn't "My Cup Runneth Over" a Christendom song?
mercyt said…
I am not sure if there is a religious song of that name. The song I refer to was a commercial ballad sung by Ed Ames in the 70's, I think. (He was Mingo on TV's Daniel Boone sires Show your age . . . Who remembers that?)

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