To tell this story I must make a confession. . . . I am a 56 year old kid.  I am addicted to Kool-Aid.  (black cherry or lemonade).  I drink it from a wine glass so no one will know.  I watch cartoons.  (educational ones on Disney JR)  Mom swears I will marry the first guy that figures out I prefer teddy bears to flowers and candy.

That being said, Disney JR plays Winnie the Pooh Minis between my cartoons.  Short stories about Pooh and the crew.  The narrator is an English actor whose voice is VERY familiar. I m usually quite good at recognizing celebrity voices. But this one had me stumped

I wrangled  with it for days.  It was Driving me CRAZY!!  Until i finally just taped the credits and slowed them to a readable pace. There it was!

The calm elegant narration came from a source I would have never guessed.  Never in a million years.

The voice I have heard most of my life.  In 'Monty Python's Flying Circus', 'A Fish Called Wanda', 'Fawlty Towers' and too many more to recount here, was now giving voice to the 100 acre wood.

John Cleese.  John Cleese narrates the Winni the Pooh Minis.  My sanity is saved.  Who Knew?!!


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