Alton Brown RULES!!

This week has been an adventure!  We have brined pork belly and smoked it to perfection!

The contraption we used would make Rube Goldberg proud and is the brain child of Alton Brown.  It was constructed by me and my folks!

We used an old grill and a cheap hot plate for the hot box that generated the smoke.  6 feet of dryer venting (new) to carry the smoke to the smoke chamber.  

The smoke chamber was a moving box.  We suspended a grate from my oven  to hold the meat.

We had brined 12 pounds of pork belly 4 days.  We added the meat to the box connected the two chambers with the venting.

We had  smoke almost immediately.

   If you look very closely to the right side of the box you can see a puff of hickory smoke escaping.

We ended up with a luscious smokey meat.  

It was a whim that turned into a family project!  Too cool!  


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