I don't know how you guys feel about nepotism but I am rather fond of it.  I have talked often about members of my family.  Here I go again.

My sister Sally is very talented in many ways.  The most recent talent is jewelry making.  I am a frequent recipient of Sally's works and I just love them.  All her creations are made of semi precious stones, fabulous glass beads and unususal metals.  These things make Sally's pieces uniquely hers.  

I have several pieces made of picture jasper and agate.  They are stones mined from the earth and showcased in her jewelery.  

I hope you do not mind I shared a few pictures of her newer creations.  For more of her lovely things try her shop on etsy.

Sally's Beads NC by sally'sbeadsnc on Etsy.


Anonymous said…
Does she ship internationally?
Anonymous said…
Yes, I do ship internationally. And thank you to my sister for such a lovely post about me - sisters are the best.

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