Bill Cosby Breakfast

With cake in the house I expressed a desire to have a 'Bill Cosby Breakfast'.  Don't know what that is?

When we were all fresh faced and still in school our dad brought home a comedy album by Bill Cosby.  It became a family favorite.  One of the most listened to bits was when dad made breakfast.

When Bills wife was unable to make breakfast he stepped in.  Not very enthusiastically, but he did step in.  When assembling the ingredients for the meal he noticed hat they could all be found in cake.  Grains, eggs, milk and so on.  You guessed it!  Breakfast was cake.

Cheers arose and peace reigned in the land.  

I mentioned to the brother and my facebook community that I was considering a Bill Cosby breakfast, not really expecting anyone to remember or understand.  Wrong again.  

Both the brother and our sister not only remembered but quoted the cheer!  "Dad is Great!  Dad is Great!"  LOL

Ahhh those were the days!


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