Thursday fun day.

Thursday Sally and Mark took me out and about. We did Michaels, I found the cake boxes I have been looking for. I also got a small container of fondont.

I have several recipes for fondant but I would like to practice some before I comit to home made fondant. The star of the day though was lunch.

Red Robin! I had never been to the local Red Robin. Or any Red Robin for that matter.

They are famous for their burgers and fries so I went classic bacon cheese burger and fires. Perfection! Well done but still juicy and tender. The french fries were lovely. Crispy and tender fries are hard to do. Red Robin nailed it!

Sally ordered the southwest Sombrero salad. Gorgeous! They have a salsa ranch dressing that is perfect for this salad. Whole kernel corn, black beans, red onion, roma tomatoes, fried jalapeño grilled chicken ፣ and ግርልለድromain lettuce. Just great!

Mark is more advenurous. He had the fiery ghost pepper tavern burger.  It looked great.  But I was a chicken. I enjoy hot pepper food, but ghost pepper are beyond my limits. It's good to know your limits.

 አንድ this is who made it all possible. . . Katie! We came into the dining room at a very busy time. You would never have known it. Katie was attentive and helpful.

Mark wanted to order Voodoo fries. They were not available in the current menu but Katie was able to talk to the chefs and had them made just for us.

All the emplyees in this Red Robin went out of the way to make us feel welcome BEFORE they knew I was writing about them.

Thank you Red Robin I will be back!


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