New fave commercial chicken broth

Since I am home mostly 24/7 I have plenty time to make stocks and broths to use in my kitchen. And I do. When I am better and more able.

Since I am not right now I sent the brother to get come canned chicken broth. He came back a popular brand, Swanson.  I enjoy all the Swanson products. But this time I tasted a change in the flavor profile.  Ginger.  I tasted ginger in the broth.

It must be said that my colection of medications has always effected my pallet. Usually it is for the worse. At least this time it's for the better.

So for the future I will always simmer the broth with slices of ginger for an upset Tummy or an asian soup base!  Lol!

So good. Not as good as mine, of course,  but guite good!


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